1.5 The language of functional movement practice

Movement practice vs. physical training – In physical training, the aim is to utilize intensive, challenging work to improve various fitness components. In movement practice the aim is to learn movements and skills and to internalize correct technique until it becomes automatic.

Mobility vs. muscles – The human body is required to perform a wide variety of tasks. For us to perform these tasks more effectively and to minimize injuries, we must drill the body in a way that improves its movement abilities and skills (mobility). Why mobility? Because the brain, which controls and activates our muscles through the nervous system, works and thinks in terms of fully coordinated movement and not in terms of contracting specific muscles. Because when we practice mobility instead of exercising individual muscle contractions, we evaluate exercises according to which movement I am performing and not according to which muscles I am activating. For example: pushing while standing involves activation of leg, core, chest, shoulder and arm muscles. In daily life we do not stop and analyze which muscles we are using in a given action. We simple do what is appropriate, as we will see below. Do you want to get up from the chair? Turn a page…? Forget about strengthening muscles – and begin to improve your mobility.

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